Our mission is to offer sustainable, happily raised food to our community with extremely little to no fossil fuels used from farrow to plate.
Nestled away in lush, vibrant rolling hillsides of Ashland, Oregon, resides the home of Uproot Ashland, a 28 acre heritage pig farm.
Our free range operation reintroduces specific and unique breeds of heritage pork to the local community. We thoughtfully picked such varieties as the Large Black, Red Wattle, Gloucestershire Old Spot and Tamworth breeds to pair their instinctive foraging behavior including uprooting acorns and free exploration of the nutrient rich raw land.
This organic way of life provides a nutritious boost of vitamins, such as Omega 3 fatty acids and contributes a significant level of healthy unsaturated fats found in a balanced diet. The distinct richness, bold physical appearance and flavor of our pork depicts the rogue tale rooting back centuries from its European and Chinese descent.

Krista Vegtēr


Raised in Santa Clara, California, Krista Vegter always dreamed of flipping the hands of time and reversing the concrete jungle back to the beautiful fruit orchards that once filled the Valley of the hearts delight aka Silicion Valley. After visiting Southern Oregon she knew this was her home to the future fruit orchard she long dreamed of. Krista has been a long time vegetarian and conscious of leaving the most minimal eco foot print. Her passion and vision contributes to the organization and implementation of incorporating every business decision to be earth driven and sustainable. From our pv solar run chicken facility, to water conservation practices and composting operations, Krista oversees and puts mother nature's loving guidance at the forefront of all operational structuring.

Sonia Consani


Inspired by Moby and the death of her grandpa to cancer, as a driven teenager, Sonia Consani began consciously paying attention to the importance of quality organic ingredients and the impact food has on supporting a quality life. By age 17, after exploring the Academy of Art SF she attended Professional Culinary Institute receiving her culinary degree. Sonia, continues to apply her culinary brilliance, natural artistic and handy craft knowledge to every aspect at the farm; from designing and building infastructure to sourcing quality seeds, her vast knowledge has no bounds. Thanks to her efforts, we offer complimentary recipes on how to prepare the food we produce and eat seasonally. Sonia is always looking for new ways to improve efficiency, self sufficiency and replenish our farms ecosystem.

Tiffani Ayres

Farm Organizer

Tiffani Ayres, born and raised within the vast, rural rice fields of West Sacramento, farming is second nature. Along with being a gifted a natural born athlete, Tiffani Ayres is a full-time high school student and 5 year veteran flutist. She has a strong and kindred spirit with dogs. Her farming background goes back 3 years where she started her farming career as the feed manager when the farm was located in Bend. She has expertise in general farm hand work not limited to the following: fence building, construction of pig huts, seeding pasture, rotation of livestock, farrowing assistant, compost building, in house veterinary needs including administering holistic worming practice, and general clean up and organizational management. She continues to grow and learn more each day along with the farm. She looks forward to assisting in the production of fruits and vegetables to the farm and continuing to incorporate them into her diet.