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  1. Q: Do you deliver all of the CSA share at once?
    A: No. We suggest a minimum of 2 lb per Pork CSA delivery and 1 whole chicken (4 lbs) per Chicken CSA delivery. The whole intention behind our pre-purchase design is for you to share with your community the receiving end of the freshest quality meats, while using little to no freezer space, and not take on the risk of spoilage or waste of any unwanted parts of your share.
  2. Q: Do you break down the chicken into individual cuts?
    A: Our standard packaging is whole with giblets included inside. You may specify breakdown on your cut sheet. There is an additional $5 fee per breakdown.
  3. Q: Is there an expiration date to my membership?
    A: We do not have a set in stone expiration date - out of consideration we would appreciate your share to be utilized within 18 months.
  4. Q: If I vacation, for say 2 to 3 months, what happens to those deliveries?
    A: Our CSA membership is a pre-purchased punch card system, you will not miss out or lose any portion of your share due to nomadic tendencies.
  5. Q: What if I am out of town, what happens to my delivery?
    A: You will have the ability to update your delivery schedule online and with a quick and convenient response to our email/text verification sent out within the week of each delivery.

How CSA Works:

You purchase the meat CSA designed to feed our Ashland neighbor a year supply of incredible meats with a unique ease and convenience.

You get a screaming deal (limited time) on the freshest, consistent selection of quality meats, doorstep delivered (within city limits of Ashland).

Here is a sample cut sheet order of a customers share:


Chicken + Pork CSA (25 Whole Chicken + 50 lb Pork Share)

Chicken & Pork Share is designed to meet your protein and nutritional needs for a suggested year.

That’s an average of 4 lbs a month of freshly processed and delivered exciting new pork cuts (no freezer burn or storage drama).

2 whole chickens, 8-ish lbs per month (again, suggestion only).

You customize and adjust your protein schedule throughout the year, we process, vacuum seal and promptly doorstep deliver fresh or frozen.

25 Whole Chickens & 50 lb Pork Share
$750 (almost 30% off retail)


Chicken CSA (25 Whole Chicken)

Our chicken share is designed for a 1 year supply to accommodate 2 whole (4 lb average) chickens per month.
These are suggestions only, your demand may vary and our delivery schedule will adjust according to your protein needs.

We include complimentary meat CSA delivery for Ashland residents.

25 Whole Chicken Share
$400 ($4/lb)

Take advantage now, this one time introductory offer expires after 06.30.18.

Pork CSA (50 lb Pork Share)

50 lb pork share includes the following suggested variety of hand picked fresh cuts:

Plain Ground: 5 lbs
Rotating Featured Sausage Flavors of the Month: 10 lb
Bone In Pork Chops: 10 lb
2-4 lb Bone In Shoulder Roast: 10 lb
Fresh Belly: 5 lb
Jowl (Pork Cheek): 3 lb
Fresh Hocks: 3 lb
Fat Back: 4 lb

50 lb Pork Share
(Share pricing $8.40lb, retail $9-$12/lb).


This porkalicious introductory offer expires after 06.30.18.